OTouch Launches ‘Inscup 2’ Masturbator

OTouch has added the Inscup 2 masturbator to its collection of pleasure products.

Inscup 2 follows on the heels of the original OTouch Inscup, conceived as a pleasure product “with a stylish and discreet appearance that not only looks good and satisfies its users to the fullest, but can also protect the user‘s naughty secrets.”

The original Inscup features a lid with a special locking design that prevents the device from being accidentally opened. To use it, a magnetic key hidden at the bottom of the masturbator is needed to open it. Users attach the magnetic key to the top of the lid, and then turn the lid anti-clockwise to open the masturbator.

Inscup 2 features a warming function, five contraction and six vibration patterns, as well as hidden buttons.

A soft silicone interior features studs and ridges that provide optimal stimulation for the user‘s penis, noted the rep. Inscup 2 also includes a holder with the suction cup, which can be attached to a flat, smooth surface to facilitate a hands-free experience.

For more information, visit OTouch.com or email info@otouch.com.

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