Interested in learning more about becoming an OTOUCH Authorized Distributor?

1. Are you interested in becoming a distributor of OTOUCH? We have a very committed distributor network and would love to have more great people and companies as distributors.

We recently updated our distributor pricing. For most of our catalog, if distributors order items in quantities of 5,000 or more at one-time, your discount goes up to 10%.

Note: Not all items have distributor discounts, but we are adding more all the time!

2. Are you interested in becoming an OTOUCH distributor, but not sure if you qualify? We have just a few questions for you.

a. Are you an online or physical store that would like to distribute our products? Are you a wholesaler?

b. Can you place orders of $5,000 or more (not including shipping) each time?

c. For international large orders, can you pay via wire transfer?

3. If you are applying to become a distributor:

  • Can you meet the annual target of $100,000 or more?
  • Can you place an order at least once a quarter (or 4 times a year)?

4. Did you answer “Yes” to all of the questions above? If so, please fill the following form to get started!

* Please note: if you are a wholesaler we expect that you will not be reselling OTOUCH products to an unauthorized area. If you plan on reselling, please apply to be a distributor.

Please contact OTOUCH for distribution via eamil, or by filing out the form below:

    The Benefits of Being our Distributor

    1. Free industry training, including marketing skills to get customers, negotiation skills to win big orders.

    2. High-quality materials and workmanship mean we won’t always be the cheapest manufacturer but rest assured we will always deliver the best value.

    3. You can get perfect marketing support to help open the market quickly.

    4. You can get excellent sales support without spending a lot of time on follow-up.

    5. Other benefits you cannot find from other suppliers.

    How to become an OTOUCH official distributor

    1. A company entity established under your local law.

    2. The import right or have an angent help you deal with the import.

    3. Have a specific market area.

    4. The ability to control your marketing channel, both for online and offline, like the price and distribution.

    5.The ability and willingness to do promotion or advertisement for OTOUCH in your market.

    6. The ability to reach the sale target.

    7. The ability to deal with the after service.

    Are you over 18