OTOUCH is an original fashion brand subordinated to Shilosh International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, and was founded by senior sex toy designer Chalim Huang in 2015.

With the design concepts of innovation, aesthetics, and emphasis on user experience, OTOUCH is deeply loved and praised by its beloved users, and it has been a global hot-selling brand since launched into the market.


Equality, Bravery, Creativity, Intensity, Intimacy

All men are born equal. Every consenting adult is entitled to the enjoyment of primal pleasures, regardless of gender, wealth or social status. But reality is harsh. Countless factors could stir up dissatisfaction and frustration, leading to lowered quality of life and unpleasantness in the society, such as a sharp rise in divorce rate, STD cases and sex crimes.

OTOUCH is founded to bring health, happiness and bliss to customers. We acknowledge humans’ basic instincts. We persevere with the pursuit of stimulation and satisfaction, creating passion-filled experiences with innovative quality products. We strive to ensure client confidentiality while helping everyone acquire ultimate pleasure, and together we create a healthier and better world.

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