How to choose your first sex toy

You may feel a little apprehensive about buying a sex toy for the first time, but you could be missing out on a whole lot of fun. It’s important that you don’t just dive in, however, and you do your research before buying.

What do you want to gain from your first sex toy?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but this will actually make picking your first sex toy much easier; it’s important to factor in size, shape and texture as well as function.

70% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so you might want to start off small and buy an external vibe. All internal vibes can be used externally too, but if you haven’t used a sex toy before then it’s probably not a great idea to buy the biggest thing you can find!

The Rocks Off Slinky Pinky is a great beginners vibrator as it offers two for the price of one. The supple silicone sleeve is great for internal and external stimulation alike and offers satisfyingly strong vibratory power for such a small toy. You can also remove the sleeve and use the 80mm bullet for external play, whether alone or with a partner.

Bullet vibrators are a great way to begin your sex toy exploration, from simple battery powered products to gorgeous rechargeable bullets with deep rumbling vibrations, you are sure to find one that suits your sexual needs.

If you want dual stimulation, a rabbit vibrator is a great choice. Again, start off with a smaller product such as the Fun Factory Miss Bi, which has dual motors that work independently of each other, the Rocks-Off Everygirl a powerful rechargeable rabbit, offering incredible flexibility or the flexible battery operated Eden Bunny.

What materials are best to use?

When buying a product that’s going to be in contact with your genitals, it’s really important to ensure that it is skin safe. Materials such as rubber and jelly can be harmful as they are porous, making them difficult to clean. This means that bacteria can linger on the product and could give you thrush. They also contain phthalates, a substance banned from children’s toys because it is harmful to health.

Silicone, metal and glass sex toys are all safe to use as they are non-porous, making for easy cleaning. They also feel really good too!

Glass and metal sex toys are safe to use with oil, water and silicone based lubricants, however you can’t use silicone lubricant with a silicone sex toy. This is because the silicone will react, leaving a tacky texture and a ruined toy. Water and oil based lubes are silicone-sex toy compatible.

by Megan BarnettMay 31, 2017

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