Pulsator & Suction Massager – LOLLIPOP

Lollipop is an adorable and high-performance female vibrator that combines the best of both worlds: suction vibrator and pulsation massage stick. With the added feature of an intelligent mode, it offers a wide range of variable frequency stimulation. This luxurious toy delivers intense suction stimulation for thorough clitoral pleasure, while the powerful electromagnetic pulsing of the stick-end provides impactful sensations to the vagina. This unique design ensures an ultimate experience both internally and externally, while minimizing the mechanical sensations associated with manual operation. In addition, Lollipop is waterproof thanks to its nonporous electromagnetic charging design. It also comes with a large capacity Type-C charging storage base, providing long-lasting endurance for uninterrupted pleasure.


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    Pulsation Massage Stick
    Pulsation Massage Stick

    The pulsation massage stick adds an extra layer of sensational experience, offering a dual-point stimulation that doubles the pleasure. Similar to a suction vibrator, you can adjust the pulsation massage stick to different levels, allowing for variable frequencies that enhance your joy and excitement. With this feature, you can explore a wider range of sensations and customize your experience for maximum enjoyment and fun.

    Intelligent Suction Vibrator
    Intelligent Suction Vibrator

    The intelligent suction vibrator provides deep sucking stimulation, ensuring thorough stimulation of the clitoris. With six suction modes, including an intelligent mode, you have the freedom to select the mode that suits your desires, resulting in a diverse and satisfying experience.

    Charging Storage Base
    Charging Storage Base

    The inclusion of a charging storage base with Lollipop has been hailed as an innovative creation by critics. This base addresses the concern of limited battery storage and offers an effective solution. It features a Type-C port for convenient charging and allows for storing more electricity to support the toy's operation. Furthermore, the toy can be charged using the base's non-porous electromagnetic charging contact, ensuring its waterproof capabilities.

    Product Attribute

    Product Attribute
    • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Function: Suction, Pulsation
    • Waterproof: IPX6
    • Product Size: 318*28*9.9mm
    • Giftbox Size: 131*276*53.5mm
    • Weight:230g
    • Packing:20PCS/CTN
    • Packing Details: Massager, Rechargeable Storage Box, USB charging cable, Instruction manual, Pouch

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