Multifunction Vibrator-Magic Stick S1 Plus

The Magic Stick S1 Plus is a revolutionary rabbit vibrator that separates the clitoral stimulator and vaginal vibrator into 2 separate components. It can be assembled like building blocks by using wireless power transfer technology, enabling flexible depth adjustment during insertion and interchangeability of different clitoral massage attachments. The Magic Stick S1 Plus offers a selection of 1 vibration stick massager and 4 clitoral massage attachments (Vibration, Dual-vibration, Licking, and Keading) with varying functions and sizes for you to choose from. Of course, the main stick can be use alone as a wand vibrator. With up to 4 possible combinations, you can mix and match freely, like choosing tops and pants, to find the Magic Stick that brings you the utmost happiness. The Magic Stick is IPX6 Waterproof. Always use it together with lubricant for a better experience. (The suction attachment needs to be purchased seperately)


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    Wireless Power Transfer
    Wireless Power Transfer

    You might be wondering how clitoral stimulators work without needing to be charged, given that they don't have batteries inside. We've developed a wireless conductive power patent technology that utilizes electromagnetic conduction to power the clitoral stimulator. In other words, the clitoral stimulator operates by wirelessly transferring electricity from the main stick through inductive power transfer technology. It is super safe and convinent.

    Interchangeable Attachments
    Interchangeable Attachments

    This revolutionary invention separates the clitoral stimulator and vaginal massager into independent components, allowing them to be assembled like building blocks. Users can adjust the depth of insertion and interchange different massage attachments, offering greater flexibility. The Magic Stick S1 has 4 attachments: Vibration, Dual-vibration, Keading, Licking; (The suction attachment needs to be purchased seperately)

    Adjustable Insertion Depth
    Adjustable Insertion Depth

    It is well known that stimulating both the clitoris and vagina can bring women intense sexual pleasure. Traditional dual-head massagers often integrate vaginal and clitoral stimulators as a single unit, which has led to complaints from users due to variations in individual erogenous zones. Some found the product too long, while others considered it too short. Responding to this genuine user feedback, the innovative OTOUCH designer, Chalim, pondered on how to create a dual-head massager for women that could cater to diverse individual needs more flexibly.

    Product Attribute

    Product Attribute
    • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Vibrations for Major Stick: 7* Vibration Modes;
    • Attachment Options: Vibrating Thumb, Vibrating Rabbit Ears, Rotating Tongue, Kneading Massage;
    • Attachment: 3 Intensities for Corresponding Function ;
    • Product Size: 213*60*46mm;
    • Giftbox Size:216*252*48mm;
    • Gross Weight: Appro 800g
    • Carton: 476*269*464mm/16pcs/14kg
    • Packing Details: Main Stick, 4 Attachments, Magnetic charging cable, Instruction manual, Pouch

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