OTOUCH Got On The Shenzhen Bus

‘让世界有情有趣 – Let the world be full of love and fun’ – In October, Shenzhen residents found that many buses had a line of striking slogans, and it was from OTOUCH, a trendy fashion brand from Hong Kong. This is the first time that a sex toy brand run ads in public transit facilities.

As a sex brand, why did OTOUCH choose to put on bus advertisements? The reporter interviewed Kylin, the operation director of OTOUCH on related issues.

Reporter: Hello, Kylin, as a brand in the field of sex toys, why would you consider advertising on Shenzhen buses? What do you think about it personally?

Kylin: I have lived in Shenzhen for many years, and I have found that in the past few years, many people are always frowning because of work and life pressure. As a brand that creates more fun for life, our mission is to relieve people’s pressure and help people face life with a more optimistic and optimistic attitude.

(OTOUCH Brand Operations Director – Kylin)

Our team believes that the “two points and one line” single young people mostly use public transportation as their main means of travel. Many of them are burdened with pressures such as rent, work, and spouse selection, and they feel a strong sense of loneliness and vulnerability. If the youth group does not have a good channel to vent, it will easily have an adverse effect on their mental health. If they encounter some setbacks, they will collapse, which will lead to some problems that may harm themselves, the people around them, and even society. Therefore, this group needs our brand the most, so public transport advertising is of course an excellent medium to carry our ideas.

As you can tell that our graphic designs are all sunny and cheerful. With the slogan “Let the world be full of love and fun”, we encourage more young people in Shenzhen to have a sunny and cheerful attitude towards life and then inject more into the young city of Shenzhen. More energetic. In addition, we are also trying to approach subway advertising. If we can publish advertisements on subways with denser traffic, we believe that our ideas can be passed on to more people.


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