OTOUCH Airturn 2 Wins Hearts of Swedish Men – Survey Reveals High Popularity

Axel, the founder of the Swedish online magazine “https://passionerad.se” dedicated to sex and relationships, recently conducted a survey among our male email subscribers. He asked them to vote for their favorite sex toy, and the majority of men chose the OTOUCH Airturn 2 model. With over 13,000 responses received and a wide range of toys to choose from, the results speak volumes.

Here are the statistics and some of the reasons why Airturn 2 is considered the best sex toy by Swedish men:

Favorite sex toy choices:
15% chose OTOUCH AIRTURN 2;

85% others;

Total of 13,467 responses:
36% of respondents were aged between 18-25;
31% of respondents were aged between 25-35;
19% of respondents were aged between 35-45;
14% of respondents were aged 45+.

Here are some of the motivations provided by respondents for choosing Airturn as their favorite sex toy:

“The OTOUCH Airturn 2 is the perfect example of a toy that provides deep and sensitive stimulation without breaking the bank. I’ve been enjoying my Airturn every day for over a year now, and it’s still going strong. Despite its affordable price, the quality is truly impressive. You probably can’t find better value for your money these days.”

“Airturn is almost as good as the premium products in the same category. I’ve tried different automatic strokers across all price ranges, and I must say that Airturn really stands out. It’s a smooth-working product that functions flawlessly.”

“I’ve owned many sex toys over the years, and to be honest, Airturn feels like some kind of miracle. I can hardly believe they managed to create such a well-built stroker in the budget category!”

“Because OTOUCH Airturn 2 is the best toy I’ve ever owned. It feels like a combination of a fantastic blowjob and vaginal sex. Every time I use it, I’m surprised by how realistic it feels. Every man should own one, and they would be happier and more satisfied overall.”

“I chose Airturn as my favorite sex toy because it proves that you can have a great experience without spending a fortune!”

“During the pandemic, I was searching for the best sex toy possible and tried many different models across various price ranges. After a while, I bought and tried Airturn, which I had never heard of before. However, it turned out to be the perfect choice for me. It provides very intimate stimulation with passion, leading to intense orgasms. It’s also user-friendly and easy to clean!”

Through this survey, OTOUCH Airturn 2 has garnered unanimous praise from Swedish men. Its high quality, outstanding performance, and exceptional value within a budget range have made it their preferred choice. Whether for first-time users or experienced individuals, Airturn offers satisfying functionality and an unmatched price-performance ratio, providing users with a unique and pleasurable sexual experience. (All datas from Axel https://passionerad.se)

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