USB Charging Cable

Hot swap, easy to carry, unified standards, multiple devices can be connected, br USB Cable is labeled as a common, convenient and safe method for users to charge electronic devices, including sex toys. In order to satisfy diverse requirements of consumers, OTOUCH take USB as major charging cable, that sex toys can be charged through sockets, computers, cars or more. In addition, . OTOUCH encourage every one to enjoy the sex by mingling sex toys in daily life truly, that being with USB cable sex toys will be as usually as other common electronic devices. The OTOUCH special USB charging cable has a unique design, its shape is interesting and sexy. At the monment, this USB charging cable has appied to most of OTOUCH products, like the AIRTURN 1, AIRTURN 2, AIRTURN 3, CHIVEN 1, CHIVEN 2, CHIVEN 3, INSCUP 1, INSCUP 2, etc.


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