Thrusting & Contraction Masturbator-INSCUP 3

INSCUP 3 is an automatic masturbator that features intelligent built-in thrusting and 360° circular contraction functions. It is equipped with a powerful telescopic motor and an electronic air pump, providing users with dual stimulation through thrusting and contraction for the ultimate pleasure experience. The INSCUP 3's soft sleeve, made of high-quality TPE material, aims to deliver maximum realism and comfort. The sleeve is easy to detach and reinstall. Magnets are attached to the bottom of the sleeve and inside the casing. When you place the sleeve back into the casing, the magnetic force will automatically install the sleeve properly in the casing. This avoids complicated procedures and allows you to quickly resume your enjoyment. The penis sleeve has a drainage hole at the bottom, making it convenient for cleaning. For added comfort, always use a generous amount of lubricant on your penis. After use, clean the toy with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner, and store it in the OTOUCH pouch after natural dry.


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    Smart Thrusting
    Smart Thrusting

    About the thrusting modes, there are automatic mode, burst mode, and 10 regular modes. The INSCUP 3's thrusting ranges from slow to fast, gentle to wild, you can always find a one model you like. Together with contraction function, you can find your ultimate pleasure esily. Thanks to the touch-screen, it is easy to control the device.

    Unique 360° Circular Contractions
    Unique 360° Circular Contractions

    The innovative 360-degree circular airbag contraction structure, combined with pressure detection technology, can automatically adapt to penises of different sizes. It also achieves adjustable tightness simulating the contraction sensation inside the vagina during female orgasm. The combination of 360-degree airbag contraction and electric telescoping, along with an internal position sensor, can simulate a variety of sexual massage movements. In the intelligent automatic mode, users can enjoy a lifelike sexual experience.

    Magnetic Fixation
    Magnetic Fixation

    When it comes to our masturbator with a TPE removable penis sleeve, taking off the sleeve from the casing is a breeze. However, reinserting it back into the casing can be a bit challenging. That's why OTOUCH has incorporated magnetic force to simplify the installation process. We have strategically placed magnetic devices on the outside bottom of the penis sleeve and inside the bottom of the casing. This ensures that when you insert the penis sleeve into the casing, the magnetic force effortlessly guides it into the correct position. Say goodbye to the hassle of inserting the sleeve and enjoy a seamless experience with our magnetic fixation system.

    Product Attribute

    Product Attribute
    • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Working Modes: Regular, Automatic, Burst;
    • Regular Modes: 10 Patterns;
    • Contraction: Auto;
    • Product Size: 262*100*83mm
    • Giftbox Size:606*352*260mm
    • Weight:800g
    • Packing:10CS/CTN/60.6*35.2*26cm
    • Packing Details: Masturbator, USB charging cable, Instruction manual, Pouch

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