CHIVEN 1, The World’s First Heating Masturbator!

Treat yourself to the luxurious CHIVEN 1 masturbator. This premium device offers a warming function, discreet case, and portability for your convenience. With its comfortable and anti-slip design, you can hold it with ease. It operates silently and is waterproof, allowing for worry-free enjoyment in the shower. The warming function can reach a maximum temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and can be controlled separately. Featuring 6 vibration settings, you can easily switch between different intensities using the buttons on the top. The soft silicone interior is adorned with stimulating stud texture, ensuring optimal pleasure for your penis. The CHIVEN 1 comes with a USB cable for quick and convenient recharging, as well as a storage bag for easy organization. For enhanced comfort, always use water-based lubricant. To maintain cleanliness, clean the masturbator before and after use using a toy cleaner or mildly antibacterial soap with lukewarm water. Ensure it is thoroughly dried and stored in a dust-free place.


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    Simplicity and Functionality
    Simplicity and Functionality

    Simplicity and ease of use are key features of OTOUCH masturbators, along with their multi-functionality. For instance, the early models like AIRTURN 2 and CHIVEN 2 are both waterproof and feature silicone exteriors, making them IPX6 waterproof. Simply rinse them with water after use. Silicone exteriors have become a hallmark feature of OTOUCH products.

    The World’s First Heating Masturbator!
    The World’s First Heating Masturbator!

    There is no doubt that OTOUCH CHIVEN 1 is the world's first heating masturbator, designed by Mr. Chalim Huang, the founder of OTOUCH. Prior to the CHIVEN, most masturbators only offered vibration as a feature. Mr. Huang's ingenuity led to significant advancements. Upon its release, the CHIVEN 1 quickly sold over 1 million units, a testament to its groundbreaking design.

    Product Attribute

    Product Attribute
    • Material: Silicone, ABS plastic
    • Vibrations: 6 Patterns
    • Heating: 2 Levels, 35+-5;45+-5
    • Product Size: 76*80*130mm
    • Giftbox Size:105*85*150mm
    • Weight:500g
    • Packing:32PCS/CTN/44*32.8*36.5cm
    • Packing Details: Masturbator,USB charging cable, Instruction manual, Pouch

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