OTOUCH Masturbator Display

It’s unfeasible to underestimate the importance of display, that appropriate and exquisite displays will profoundly and crucially determine the first impression of consumers toward products. Owing to compact size and liable structure, this display, as tailored accessory, can be used to fit most of masturbator of OTOUCH. By triangular structure, this compact display can keep stable with great convenience, while accentuate the best feature of OTOUCH masturbator. This display is super suitable for OTOUCH masturabtors displayed in physical stores and sample rooms. The backboard, base and posters are 3 indepent parts and it is easy to assemble them together, no need screws. Its size is 14.2 x 15 x 25cm. Its poster is replacable. OTOUCH has many different posters for different models, like the CHIVEN 1, CHIVEN 2, CHIVEN 3, AIRTURN 1, AIRTURN 2, AIRTURN 3, INSCUP 1, INSCUP 2, DEVEN, NINJA 2, etc.


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