Masturbator Special Rinser

This Masturbator Special Rinser has been considered as a feasible, appropriate and efficient, perhaps the best, tool for cleaning masturbator chamber. You can simply detach shower sprinkler from the hose of , and then replace it by this rinser, which integrate brush and sprinkler to provide even more thorough cleaning for your masturbator. You can also pour our disinfection liquid into chamber before inserting the rinser, that the effect will even be better.It is very easy to install the rinser, the first step is remove your shower from the hose, the second is install the rinser, and the third is flush the chamber of your masturbator. Simple and easy. It can help you wash your masturbator thoroughly. Its length is 200mm, and has a standard interface. ( Applicable OTOUCH masturbator: Airturn 1, Airturn 2, Airturn 3, Chiven 1, Chiven 2, Chiven 3, Inscup 1, Inscup 2, Decor 2 and so forth).


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